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CPD now
Modules successfully completed after 28 Jan 2010 qualify for a certificate with the Society of Radiographers "CPD now" endorsement. Any modules completed before that date will need to be retaken in order to obtain one of these endorsed certificates.

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Welcome to the self-test section.

Once you have answered all of the questions in a module, and have scored at least 95% correct, there will be an option to print off a certificate. You can retake any questions you get wrong by clicking on the number in the 'answered incorrectly' column below.

Please choose a module to be tested on:

 The hand (20 questions)
 The wrist (20 questions)
 The elbow (20 questions)
 The shoulder (20 questions)
 The foot (20 questions)
 The ankle (20 questions)
 The knee (20 questions)
 The pelvis (20 questions)
 The thoracolumbar spine (20 questions)
 The cervical spine (20 questions)
 The facial bones (20 questions)
 Bone tumours and benign lytic lesions (20 questions)
 All modules (240 questions)