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Who are Heidi and David Nunn?

Heidi is an Advanced Practice Reporting Radiographer, reporting plain radiograph referrals from A&E, rheumatology and GPs. She is based at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and the Norwich Radiology Academy, UK, previously at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK. She is the author of all of the radiological information on this website.

David is a Consultant Anaesthetist, also at the Norfolk & Norwich, who has an interest in computer programming and web site creation. He is the web designer for the Vascular Anaesthesia Society of Great Britain and Ireland (VASGBI), and for some non-medical sites. He has also created numerous other programs, including a multi award-winning program for booking patients onto emergency theatre lists.

Read about us on Page 2 of the April 2008 edition of "The Pulse"
(in-house magazine for the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

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Further Learning Opportunities
Modules in e-LfH useful for image interpretation include:


Images from this website have been used in the following books and courses:
1) Advanced Assessment and Treatment of Trauma, ed M D Panté and A N Pollak (2010, pub. Jones & Bartlett)
2) Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2nd ed., auth R V Aghababian (2011, pub Jones & Bartlett)
3) Pediatric Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, auth/ed Dr John Sarwark and Dr Cynthia LaBella. (Spring 2010)
4) Professional Paramedic Series, Volume III: Trauma Care and EMS Operations, auth R Beebe and J Myers (Oct 2010)
5) Forensic Science Programme (A&E's International Affiliate) A Algus
6) PhD Thesis (Sara Flood, Australia)
7) Local emergency department guidelines (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Lancaster Royal Infirmary)


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